What would you like India to do to help NRIs return?


India is sure becoming a better place.

But what would you like the India Govt. to do in order to bring NRIs back?

  • Make it easier for NRIs to find jobs
  • Offer special benefits to returning NRIs
  • Offer better infra stucture in India
  • Offer special visas to returning NRIs
  • Offer key positions for NRIs in India
  • Offer US level salaries for returning NRIs

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I would like to say this to the govt.

“Stop eating our hard earned money in the form of taxes and bundling up into your swiss accounts. Please be faithful and justify yourself”

in 1947, $1 == 1 Rs and it was completely a different story. Now this doesn’t mean that US economy has grown rapidly. it is our economy that we crashed our selves into the graves. I sometimes break into tears when i see what our politicians have made up our country into.


I wont say anyting at all.
As the west is now trying to loot India and our generation should not allow. The knowledge has to be re-invested back to our homeland for development.
Hence bygones are bygones.
If you awake this is the right time. Trumpett and other goojas are always trying to do Business even if its a Corpse.


OK, but can you be specific? Any thing in particular you’d like to see the Govt. doing for NRIs? :slight_smile:


No Karthik. Govt is been run by top elites. They wont let anything good reach to the citizens.
So we who are living in rest of world have to be on a mission to do good.

I hail from TamilNadu state (who is one of the contributors to the central govt), But our state is one of the poorest when it comes for development. As the funds are divereted to other states and central govt purposefully ignores our state for political ambitions. Hence no point in depending on Govt for NRIs return. ALL THEY WANT IS YOUR (NRI) MONEY.)
In the UK after the TamilNadu protest against Jallikattu there are a number of groups started organising different means to help upift our state farmers by organising fund raising and helping farmers within local communities. To give them back what we can to protect farmers against corporates. There are numerous groups doing this on their own OR joining special teams started by IAS officer Mr.Sahayam. So Yes as NRI you can only do upto a limit. But from my understanding this generation Needs Leaders back home. This is the time that the contribution in terms of Knowledge, Uplift, Science will help young generation the path to lead and prosper.