What is your one piece of advice to those moving to India?


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  • Who are you?
  • Where are you from?
  • What is your one piece of advice to those moving to India?


Plan properly. Check with other people who have already moved. That is your best resource.

Shyam from CA.



Don’t make a hasty decision. Think about both sides well along with your partner before taking things seriously. Prepare to hear a lot of No’s. Think rationally and not emotionally. My two cents. :slight_smile:


I am a home maker. Thinking about moving back to India may be next year… I don’t know. but willing to help those who wants to move.

Who are you? - Shivani
Where are you from? - Gujarat
What is your one piece of advice to those moving to India? - I don’t have one yet.


Hi Pratiksha here…

Willing to help those moving to India with ample info as much as I can. I plan to move to India sometime soon,…


Hi, Venu here. Instead of thinking about whether you can live comfortably in India, try to think about your mental and emotional growth and also your capability to contribute to the society you will be living in in the near future. It will help you immensely in making a decision.

Who are you? Gautham
Where are you from? NJ/ Coimbatore
What is your one piece of advice to those moving to India?

Plan properly, ensure all your contracts in the US (Credit cards/ phones/ other connections) are closed properly. Your credit score might take a hit, if at all you plan to come back some day in the future


Hi, Aparna here. Right mindset and planning well and ahead are key to moving back.


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Gautham, good point about credit scores taking a hit if you don’t take care of your finances. To add to it, get a free credit report from CreditKarma to get a number, so you know everything is in place.


Welcome to the group @gautham.sv @aps @venusri.s ! :smiley:


Who are you? Gitanjali
Where are you from? Kochi - currently residing in the DC area
What is your one piece of advice to those moving to India? - Do it! :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to the group Gita. Loved the enthusiasm. I’m from Kochi too. Nice to meet!


Are you planning to move back soon @Gitanju89


Yeah… this July … what about you ?


Who are you? Richa
Where are you from? Milwaukee Wisconsin moving to Jaipur Rajasthan
What is your one piece of advice to those moving to India? No advice yet, looking for advice as I’m planning to move back in a couple of months. House will be put up for sale this weekend :confused:


All the best with your move Richa. There are experts who have moved to India here and gone through the mayhem. Feel free to ask your doubts with them cc @manikarthik


Hi everyone!!

I have decided to move back with my family. Ready to move to Bangalore by end of September.

I am Neha have been in US for 9 long years! After realizing missing weddings and festivals don’t affect me anymore I decided its high time to move back before I loose all emotional belonging to my country.
I am originally from Jodhpur, Rajasthan
My advice would be you would never know until you haven’t done it yet.


Good luck Neha,

Bangalore is a great place to move to. Let us know how your journey went and if you need any help. Lot of folks from Bangalore here.



Hi, I am Mrudula Khodaskar, originally from Indore, Madhya Pradesh (hailing from Maharashtra though)
Me and my husband are both into Software and currently based in Sunnyvale, CA. Since I have been asked to provide a one piece of advice to those moving to India, here it is :slight_smile: The move to India is going to be as successful as we want it to be. It might test you and your family but if you like/want it enough to succeed, it will. Make sure everyone is comfortable with the move and after the move. Introduce change slowly in India. Staying in apartment complex will help us socialize more. Choose schools wisely as per your kids, choose house location to optimize for lesser commute. We are planning to return in a year with two boys aged 10 and 5. Not sure about the city but Hyderabad/Bengaluru seems like a plausible option.