What are the pros and cons of having your baby born in the US while on H1B visa?


Can someone tell me what are the advantages and disadvantages of having your baby born in the USA?
From what I know, he/she will have all the privileges of a US citizen like visa free travel back to the USA, but what about problems they may face growing up?

Has anyone been in this situation before?

Please help. :pray:



Well if we start listing out the pros & cons, it never ends.

The key / major point in my perspective is/are

  1. Being US citizen. It will be easy for the kid if he wants to pursue his higher education in US in future and with current immigration rules he/she can sponsor you for gc if you wish to return in future. But, being away from US culture/education system for so long will impact.
  2. The down side is if you want to stay back in india for good, kid’s higher education will be costly a costly affair as he/she will be under Non Indian quota.
  3. Once he/she crosses 21 they can choose whichever citizenship they want.