Water and hot-weather issues


We have planned to return by 2019 to Chennai, and I have been reading news about the VERY TERRIBLE unbearable HOT weather in almost all TN towns/cities, and water-availability problems almost in every town I hear. I somehow convinced my wife to return in 2 years, and looks like I would have to do lot of convincing to do for returning. Also, I am also started worrying about these things, and I do not hear any long term plans/projects from government side to address these woes. What are you guys thinking with regards to these two parameters ?


Water scarcity is indeed an issue. Especially in Chennai.
Despite that there is a big heat wave hitting through the sub continent that is making matters worse. (Source)

I’m not entirely sure how this problem is tackled.


Is chennai your native?
Maybe you can go to Bangalore or Hyderabad.
Traffic is the biggest issue in Bangalore.

Chennai will always be hot - the government cannot do anything.
They are using thermocole lol. And for every rain - the roads will get potholes and covered with water.
Dont expect anything to improve in these things.


This comment made me laugh. Sorry may be I shouldn’t but it was funny.

Weather is a big problem in India especially for those returning immediately. You can only get used to it, right? :slight_smile: