Tesla coming to India?


Is it just me or is anyone else excited about Tesla coming to India?

I know someone who booked it for India and he mentioned Elon Musk promised it being available soon.
Not sure if it will be a good idea though.


I don’t think Tesla is coming any time soon to India… where will they charge?


I hear they took bookings online for India. Good question about charging… Im sure they will have it figured out soon…


The sooner the better.
If this will be sooner within a year or so then i can take my Tesla 85D back to India.
But the cons wouldbe I might need to pay 100% (+) taxes which would be 75L or nearer than that ( i dont know what is the current tax). That is the odd thing with the current ruling party as crores and crores are swindled by the rulers and no one talks about this.
Is it really a worth at the end of day. Expert comments welcome.


Yea Anto,

You’d have to deal with customs first. Second, I’m not confident that Tesla will be able to set up their infra in India. I hope they prove me wrong soon.

You might need to read this article for info on how to import cars to India.


Thanks Karthik for this article.
It’s a great insight to know the customs and other regulations.


Sure. Hope it was helpful.