Sending Money to Indian Bank Account


Did anyone make or planning to send money to Indian bank account before returning to India? What is the best way to send it?


I useTransferWise, it is fast (1 hr during working hours) and easy. No hassle of BIC/SWIFT or intermediate bank details.


I might also recommend using SBI Cal (if you’re not in a hurry that is and have time at hand).

Basically you start an account with SBI Cal, hook up your NRI account (assuming you already have it) and verify the process. Once done, you can deposit your money from any US account to SBI Cal and then transfer it online to your NRI account.

Why SBI Cal - I’ve found them to provide good exchange rates (again, if you’re not in a hurry). You can lock in on the sending day’s rate. The negative is that this whole verification process etc will take some time and you will not be able to send money immediately. Last time I used it, there was a 24 hour hold on your money before you can transfer. And their website isn’t the best to use.

But once done, there isn’t much of a loss as they offer food exchange rates.

I’m sure there must be some other better way, but as of now, this is what I know. Hope it helps.


Thank you for your reply.


Thank you the info. This will help.


why not through xoom/remitly etc??


Charges are higher than what you’d expect.



I see a charge of $27 per transaction if i do a wire transfer through BofA and exchange rate there is difference of INR 2 less when compared to Xoom & Remitly.

Where as Wester union Exch. Rate is also lower than Xoom & Remitly.

The only con on xoom & Remitly is the 180 Day Limit of $60K.

other than that everything is better with xoom & remitly.

I opted for both and maxed out on 180 day limit rather using wire transfer.

Any one had better rate & experience with Wore transfer??

Let’s see if anybody share their experience.