OCI card not accepted at hotel without form C


I have a valid OCI card and US passport. I have been traveling all over India checking into hotels with my OCI card with no issues. At this moment I am in Pune, Maharashtra trying to check into a hotel called Shreyas. It’s a historical hotel not flashy, and heard many good things about its food. But problem is they will NOT check me in with my OCI card. They want me to fill out Form C. Is this mandatory? If no why are they harassing me and if yes then why didn’t any of the 4 star, 5 star properties never asked me to fill out form C.


Hi @chk.bose,

I realize how inconvenient it is for you but from what I understand, Form C is mandatory for “foreigners” according to GOI when checking in to hotels.

Reference - http://boi.gov.in/content/form-c

This hotel is perhaps paranoid about security checks (perhaps from past experience) that they are asking it.

Now, I’m not entirely sure if OCI card holder can be termed as “foreigner” though. It probably isn’t which is why you were able to check in to other bigger hotels without any issues.

Please let us know how it goes.


Per subparagraph (9) of paragraph 16 of the Foreigners Amendment Order 2016 on page 10 at https://mha.gov.in/PDF_Other/NotiAmendmenttoForeignersOrderandRules_220716.pdf the provisions of a report (Form C) made by hotel keepers does not apply to OCIs!!!