NRIs, what do you miss most about India?


You go to Starbucks and your name is broken down to a pulp of tasteless sauce.

You are Vijay but call yourself VJ, so it’s easy for others.

You have to eat the magical combo of Idli-Sambar with knife and fork and you feel guilty.

Is this your story? :smiley:

NRIs in the US… what do you miss the most about India? Be honest.


A one liner is “Family & friends”. You have other world too apart from wife and kids.


You miss the feeling at home.
You miss the free breathing of air.
Your soil, Your people, Your Land.
So much more to express.
But cant put anything in words.
Your next generation who miss the learnings or experiences from Grand parents. This is a vital part that our (my generation) miss as we have received all the knowledge (Good, Bad, Able to live at any circumstance).
Its my personal experience and I dont want that to happen to my children. Have to think on the lines as the world and India is going crazy.