NRI not residing in USA


Hello Everyone,

I have noticed that most of the active members are based in USA.

Are there anyone from Europe in the group who also share the feeling of returning back to India?

I liked the idea from @tanvi for meetup and I think its a great way to meet new people.

Thank You


Thanks for posting @Vin

I’ve gotten enquiries from friends in UK and even UAE thinking of returning back to India. So yes there are folks out there seriously considering it. I’ll ping a few offline. Hope you’re able to connect.

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Which country in Europe are you @Vin and why are you thinking of moving back?


I am based in Switzerland @Shivani, the whole reason to move back is to take care of my family, its that time of life that they need support from there children.


All the best with your move Vin. When are you planning to?


Hi @Shivani, i am already looking for opportunities, but i have very specific skill set, and its difficult to find something there.

Do you also plan to move back?


Folks, I am in the UK and also family is seriously considering moving back for goodness of children.


All the best Anto. :slight_smile:


When are you moving back? Have you found a place already?


OK. Thanks all.
By the grace of well wishers, now family is moved back to India (Kanya Kumari).
Children got admission in school and will be starting in June this year. (My elder daughter got Grammar school in UK but dropped that and chose to go back).
Wife has now completed her PhD in Jan’2018 and got a Lecturer job in my place.
There are so many things could be done.

As Karthik mentioned, this is the right time for anyone who want to move back home.
Explore the opportunities or create what is really required using the skills you have gained.
Things go slowly and steadily (as we know the Government moves in a snail pace with known references and politics behind every thing). But we were able to break that through the direct approach.

Infrastructure is now one of the hottest topics . to setup any office or bring technology for anyone to use is growing rapidly. at the saame time with keeping cost low. in terms of organic farming and awareness of health and much more to talk really. Farming is becoming a real push from entrepreneurs who want to setup their own.

One thing which came to my mind when i was on holiday for 10 days

  • weather (how to bring rain artificially using the technology chinese are using)
  • To eradicate the mosquito
  • To bring clean water for the people

so many changes are coming.
Lets hope our generation will lead in this front.
All the best.


Welcome back @anto.jeromes :slight_smile: Those are some wonderful thoughts! Good luck on your ventures!