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Hi all, My name is Sireesha. I have moved to Hyderabad 6 months ago from UK. I just wanted to say if you are thinking of moving to India from abroad then you don’t have to really worry. If you take the right measures then it won’t be too hard. (i) Live in a gated community (ii) If you have children, then choose a gated community where there are children of your children age (iii) Choose an international school - you have schools that follow USA and UK curriculum so choose appropriately.

Another advise - choose an automatic car as this will help your feet from getting strained.

Be prepared for the awful traffic. Life in the traffic is never easy!!
It will be very confusing in the beginning but slowly it will all settle. :slight_smile:


Good tips Sireesha,

I completely agree about choosing gated community for kids. It gives that US like community feeling (especially if you were licing in apartments). Also the safety aspect.