Kids school problems


I’m not thinking about moving right now but might next year. Problem is kids school.
They are in 3rd and 4th grade now. How will they manage? When will I have to plan the move?
Will there be problems they will face because Indian schools are tough? :frowning:


Kids as long as they are not in 7th grade upwards will somehow get used to the system (back in India). If you know which place you’re going to and are planning in advance - try getting some headstart on the syllabus/ course material for the grade they will go to in India. That will help immensely.


Good point. Khan Academy has some of (or the whole of, not entirely sure) the Indian curriculum covered now, so you might as well get them on-boarded with it, to avoid any surprises.


Thanks! Luckily mine are not in 7th yet. :slight_smile: