Is there other sites than Craigslist where I can sell stuff?


I know everyone uses Craigslist but are there any other sites that are more reliable?

I had bad experience with Craigslist one time where I put out my TV for sale and nobody was interested.


You can use facebook marketplace. It is easy to use and all the people in your area can see your listing and it is easy to see. Also try letgo app.


Interesting. I’ve never tried FB marketplace although recall seeing their ads for selling furniture. how different is it from craigslist?


Didn’t know about letgo app. Checking it now, Thanks @karthiky


I suggest OfferUp. I’ve had surprisingly good response from them every time I wanted to sell something. Highly recommended.


OfferUp is my pick as well when selling stuff. Legit buyers and fast response. Haven’t seen any scam at all unlike Craigslist.