How to convince your spouse that India is better?



I’m having tough time convincing my spouse that we need to go back to India. She is so used to the ways here and simply don’t want to go. Says that there are things that I’m not seeing through.

What do you suggest? How did you convince your spouse when making a decision to move back to India?


Hi Mahesh,

I am Karunya and I think I might know what your spouse is talking about. Apart from the more comfortable and organized life we have grown to like here in the US, there are other factors too, that will change when you move to India.

Many families may decide to go back to the city where their parents live in or even move in with them! This might or might not work for everyone, because we are used to living independently without our Indian society’s judging eyes and ears. No offense to the society, don’t get me wrong. But unfortunately, women are judged more in India!

So, if this happens to be the concern, moving to a nearby city could be a solution.


Thanks for the advice @jkarunya!

You nailed the problem exactly. The judging from parents and relatives, constant “nosing” in of others into family matters - those are some major issues.

Moving to city sounds like a good option. I wonder if this is a cultural problem than anything. Anyone else have any advice?