How fast is internet in India compared to US?


I hear that there has been lot of new technology and advancements made. Like 4G mobile…How fast is internet in India compared to US? Both mobile and broadband… Does anyone know?

Thanks in advance :smiley:


It depends on where you are actually. Metros have better speeds compared to small cities. But yes, speeds have increased a lot recently. With Jio coming in, it has brought in competition forcing other players to up their game. Even though 4G speeds are available, I’m not sure if they are at par with US in terms of speed… there have been many complaints so far about the new services. But yes, to answer your question, internet speeds in India is better than what it was earlier but not quite there. Yet.


It’s getting better now especially with Jio. But things aren’t that reliable either. As in you don’t get the same coverage in each city and at different places…