How do I sell my car before moving to India?


So I have two cars.

One is completely paid off and I have the title. But the other one is not and still have some $8K left on it.

What is the best way to sell the car before leaving? Do I take it back to the place I bought it from (a Toyota dealer) or shall I take it to CarMax or something like that?

The loan is from Wells Fargo and should I be contacting the bank before selling?



All depends on the city you are located… If there are any CARMAX near you try to go and get a valuation from them. Usually they pay much higher than the dealer. It should be easy to deal with them too.


Do they accept cars with loans pending? Not sure.


They do payoff the loan and will give you a check for the balance …


I didn’t know this. Thanks @enatacorp


Are you sure about this? Usually they low ball others isnt it?


In my experience Carmax has a better price than dealers. In the process of working with to sell a car. Can share my experience if we decide to sell it to them.


I sold to CarMax as well. Neat job, only took me an hour or so for the full process. They handled everything from evaluation to document processing etc.
Quick note - Keep your sales docs handy with you, you’ll need it later. In my case, the guy who bought my car went on to get tickets from toll roads, while I was in India, and when I called up toll service to claim dispute, all they wanted was proof of sales. I had to email it to them.

Let us know how vroom handles your situation.