Group suddenly dormant


This group is a great way for people like me who’re planning to relocate to India by the end of this year. There can be some more contributions to the forum so that it helps everyone else. Please post in your experiences, queries, thoughts etc so that others can benefit, contribute, share too. Also if you know other friends who’ve relocated recently or planning to relocate - they should also join the group.
Please let me know your thoughts guys :slight_smile:


It’s growing There are many people who are watching the posts mostly. Feel free to post your thoughts, questions and concerns. Feel free to share it with your friends as well.


There’s so many questions that we need to answer.


Let’s make it active now!!! :smiley: :sparkles:


On a side note, I checked with couple of Shipping agencies and found Universal Relocations to be competitive
If you are sending LCL (less than container load) the prices vary from $125 per box (65 lbs and 18x18x24) to almost $80 per box when you increase the number of boxes


But these are not exceptionally cheap prices. Is it?


Hi Mahesh,
I wouldn’t say exceptionally cheap, but I didn’t find it cheaper anywhere else.


I recently got a quote from universal relocation - 300 CFT for $2000. This would come out to be $30 per box without pelleting. The quote was door to door from California to Bangalore.