Cultural differences India v/s USA


Hi Friends,

So, I’m not thinking about moving immediately but is considering it. I am more worried about the cultural differences me and my family will face after moving to India.

I’ve been a resident in US for the last 20 years and is accustomed to the “luxuries” here. Like for example, the hot water I get when I turn the tap on, or the organized roads, you know… small things like that. What I really like about USA is that everything is organized and standard. But somewhere I miss India.

I know this sounds very childish, but I’m hoping that India won’t be a culture shock for me when I move. May be I can adjust but my kids, I’m not so sure. How will they adjust to the nasty things happening around them? Will they be alienated by language? Will they get good education? Will they get lost by wrong influence? These things make me anxious.

Anyone who has already made it to India from USA, what has your experiences been so far?

Thank you.



haha i can totally relate to this… :smiley:


Hi Shivani,
Moving India is positive decision and go with a positive mind set that everything will be good. I understand the US lifestyle and that too after 20 years, but now a days you’ll get much of the same life style in India. Mainly if you are going to stay in township all major township projects have all the facilities like in US and in some cases much more. Like good roads, Malls, Gardens, and yes 24/7 hot water because of solar panels etc. Outside township you may have to adjust little bit mainly traffic. For kids you start making the positive or Indian environment while you are in US one way is everyday watching some serials mainly it will be good if you watch something in your language or movie with kids daily. Now a days schools are also very nice in India. Good or Nasty things happens everywhere and that’s the challenge you have to teach kids between good and bad the same way your parents might have thought you. Wrong influence may happen anywhere everywhere again it depends on the how positive environment you keep in you home. Start speaking in your language if you already speak then that is much more better and do everything yourself what you use to do 20 years ago.

I hope this sounds good to you.

Thank you.


Thanks Vivek. These are all very helpful.