Are you considering moving to India?


Tell me honestly please.

With all these ‘bad news’ floating around… is there a real reason to panic? Are people honestly worried?

Is there a solid reason to go back or is it going to be a mistake? I’m confused. :confused:


I don’t think there’s any reason to panic. But more than that I am more excited about India and the recent developments in India that is making me think of going back. :slight_smile:


I am seriously considering and might make a move sometime this quarter.


Hey guys,

Jay here from LA. I was thinking this through for a year now and moving to Chennai next week. There are lot of risk involved, but hoping to survive.

What are the reasons you guys wanted to move?
I always feel like I don’t belong here.


Hey Jay,

Your move will go just fine. No worries!

Have you done all the preparations? How long were you here?

Do reach out to my on +001-408-489-4785 if you need any help.

I always feel like I don’t belong here.


Thanks for the support Karthik.

I’m here for close to 4 yrs now. Almost done with everything, just have to sell my car and close my credit cards.


Is it possible to close credit cards and bank accounts after moving back to India? If yes, how much of a hassle is it?


Yes absolutely possible. As a general rule, keep your bank accounts tied to the cards open so that you can still do the transactions via those. And of course, keep paying your bills at least the minimum amount (not recommended as it will accrue interest) or ideally pay it in full.

You might need to transfer money to those accounts from India to be able to pay off the outstanding amount in full. An easier option for this would be to to tie your US bank account to PayPal so that you can withdraw money to the US account from your PayPal id.