Are there any restrictions for buying land for NRIs when abroad?


This might be a silly question but I’m confused whether I should buy a house after going to India or from here.

Which is better and legal? Anyone who has done this before?


Never buy a house from here… Only buy after you go there. Its good to wait 3 to 6 months after you reach there to buy.


But I hear lot of people using “power of attorneys” to buy land in India. Is it illegal or just hassle?


Thanks. Any insight on legal issues I might face?


You are supposed to have a picture as well as adahar card for registering the property into your name. Power of attorney was used to the real estate matters. However, there are many cased it has been misused. There are incidents like the real documents was not even registered in buyers name etc… After all, it all depends on who is going to handle this matter for you.

Power of attorney has to be certified by the Indian embassy.

If you are a US citizen, you can buy residential property but you are not allowed to buy agriculture land in India. (OCI or any other form of visa will not give you this right)


Thanks. This is very useful info. Guess I will wait until I get all my documents in place before proceeding. :thumbsup:


Perfectly Legal. Just needs to follow the right way


Registration requirements differ from state to state.
In AP it is mandatory to take the picture. Where as in KA it is not required.

GPA works absolutely fine, make sure you have documented it properly and consult lawyers to verify the documents pertaining to land/house.


Thanks much for the info. Helpful. :slight_smile:


you are welcome

you are welcome