Anyone from San Jose planning to return?


Sure. Works for me @tanvi. Others?


Is this still happening?


I hope so. Getting everyone on the same time is tough I realize.


Hi guys,
did you all end up meeting? I apologize I kinda disappeared last time around, my parents were visiting and I got a little busy with that. If people, who are interested, share their email addresses, then I can send out a google hangout invite and we can get something on the calendar :slight_smile: I think that will help us all get motivated!



Hey guys I just came across this post… I am planning to move by end of summer… Please let me know if the hangout plan is still on. I would like to join… :slight_smile:


Cool. I think we have a good number to huddle now. I’ll be moving by 15th. Will be great to hang out with you guys before that.


Yes :slight_smile: I am open to meet on any day evenings. Looking forward for the hangout!!


I’m ready too. Sorry was away traveling.


Hi all! How about this Thursday (May 11th) at 7:30 pm pst? If you all can send me your email address then I will send out an invite. Cant wait to meet you all virtually!


Hey guys, I lived in bay area for 15yrs and just moved back to Hyderabad this month.



How was your experience Sudha? Would love to learn more. Goods/bads?


As of now came few weeks ago and got seriously sick from all the food and water change so one thing I would recommend is to slowly ease into your new diet habits.

People n surroundings are great but for me it’s been tough struggle dealing with cleanliness of environment and also accountability of tasks. I feel like I haven’t been able to accomplish a single thing so far. Everything seems to take longer.

Don’t want to sound so negative either. Positive is that you are surrounded by community that cares…


Oh that’s bad. Hope you feel better!

Can totally understand how you might be feeling struggling to get things done. What I’d suggest is to take them one by one. Getting one thing done will take a few days and repeated follow ups, most of the time, so approach things with that kind of expectation in mind. Efficiency and time management is something most people struggle with in India.

Also, I’d suggest you focus on the most important things first and prioritize things. For example, get Aadhaar first, then an internet connection etc. This will avoid confusion, as many a times, I’ve noticed that you run into unwanted surprises only at the end.

Let us know how it goes.


In SJ.

No plans to return as of now.


Ha ha…it’s been a year since i posted this message.

Now, planing to return to india asap.

Searching for job, sooner i get it sooner i’ll move :slight_smile: