Anyone from San Jose planning to return?



Anyone from San Jose/Bay Area planning to return this year/next year? Would love to catch up.



I haven’t decided yet. If my wife won’t be able to work by January 2018, we plan to return.


Is that a visa issue for the wife?


She is on a H4 Visa now. I think Ill get my I-140 by the end of this year. Under the current legislation, she will be granted a work permit when this happens. But if there are any changes to the existing rules, she might not be able to get a work permit.


I m in Bay Area and planning to return sometime in next year or two. We can surely catch-up.


Yup, probably not this year. But around 2019.


I hear that they are trying to pull back the law that allows H4visas to work. That would be sad if it happens! :frowning:


Are you on H1 too @vyas45 ?


Looking forward to meeting you all.


Hi all, I live in Walnut Creek and my fiancé and I plan to move back in next couple of years (not sure for how long yet). Honestly, it would be great to meet other people who struggle to attain this overwhelming task of moving and be at peace :). Would you guys be open for scheduling a google hangout?


That’s even a better idea @tulsitshah! I’m sure there’s going to be more interested people. Perhaps start it off with a hangout and then take it offline like @tanvi suggested.


How about next Thursday, April 6th, at 7:30 pm?


is Friday or sometime weekend possible? I have an event on thursday to attend.


I’m game anytime. Friday or weekend, whichever works for you guys! :slight_smile:


Do we have a final consensus on this guys? :smiley:


Hi Guys, we’re thinking about moving end of this year. Would love to catch up with other folks. How do we want to coordinate to set this up?


Awesome! Nice to see you here @prettykamath.

I’m planning my move later this quarter. Looks like we have a team now.


Looking forward to meeting up with you guys…


I’m ready for this, let me know the time please.


Great! So lets Friday 7th April 7 PM PDT? Does that work for everyone?