Aadhaar & PAN Card for NRIs



India Govt. had recently announced that now Aadhaar and PAN Card is a must for everyone in India for filing taxes and pretty much every official transaction. So, the question is, should NRIs also get it?

Short answer is yes, but NRIs have more time to get it. Said Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, according to this news.


But what if we already had one before coming to us… Should we get another one done or renew it or something like That… Since it would be unused for so many years…?


It’s unclear if old PAN cards has to be renewed. If you had transactions tagged with it, like money transfer etc, then they are still usable AFAIK. Aadhaar Cards have to be linked to PAN cards anyways, so you might as well get a new PAN card along with Aadhaar. Getting a new PAN card is not that difficult by the way.



If you need a bank account or need to do any real estate transactions you need an Aadhaar Card.


And I think you can renew yours if you have an old one already. It must be in some records right?