Planning The Move

Preparing for the big move? Find help on how to start and plan your move. Connect with others who are planning to move or get help from other NRIs who've already made the move or are willing to help.

Shipping Stuff

This category is for help finding the best shipping vendors from your current US city to India. There are many vendors available but the rates differ from state to state and depending on your volume. Use this space to find the best way to ship your stuff to India.

Selling Things

One major step in moving back to India is selling off your stuff in USA. Discussions here will help you find out how to dispose off your things in US and the best ways to do it. Everything from electronics to trucks!


Wrapping up your finances is a crucial part of your USA to India journey. Here, you’ll find helpful tips and discussions on the best ways to close down your personal finance items, moving them over to India and everything in between.

Job & Employment

Many people are lost about how to find jobs in India before returning and when to resign your jobs or how to handle unfortunate situations. This category will help you with useful tips on how to approach professional life, well…professionally so you don’t burn bridges and ensure a smooth transition.

After Moving To India

This category will help you with everything you need to do after you've made your big move to India. Everything from getting started, finding job, managing finances and to coping up with the hustle and bustle of India.

Buying House

Once you move to India, one of the most important things to do is buying a house or apartment. Many people don't consider it necessary as they might go back to their roots but for others it's a confusing process. This category has discussions and tips on how to go about finding your new home in India.

Internet & Connectivity

Once you move to India, you're going to miss the high speed internet connection you enjoyed in USA. But worry not, there are many options in India (unlike your monopolistic Comcast) to choose from. Discussions here will help you find out the best internet in your area.

Kids & Family

Admit it. The most that are going to be affected with your move are the kids and family. There's a lot they have to go through to cope up with the move. Discussions here will help you figure out what's best for them and how you can keep up with all the chaos that ensues.

Finding Job

Once you move to India, finding a job is your next big hurdle. Sometimes, it's wise to start job hunting early on, sometimes not. This category will help you find jobs after you move with some help from the NRI community. Resume ready?

Buying Car

Getting around in India is tough and unlike in USA. If you've been driving in USA for a long time, you're in for a surprise in India. Getting a good vehicle to take you around is going to be your number one priority once in India. Discussions here will give you tips and suggestions on what car to buy, when and where.

Travel in India

Traveling in India is not hard. There are many places to go and routes to take. But for first times from USA, just moved in, things can be confusing. Discussions here will give you tips and suggestions on how to go about traveling the best parts of India. Of course with a little help from the NRI community.

Noteworthy News

If you find any important news that is relevant to the NRI community, please post it here with your insight and/or opinion.

Everything Else

India is a mystery. She has a habit of surprising you at every move, every junction (sometimes quite literally). Cope up with the hustle and bustle of India, with some help from your friends. Everything else about India and coping up with USA to India transition goes here.

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